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Applications of IoT Based Water
Monitoring System for Your Business 

Have you ever had an unanticipated large increase in your utility bills?
These surges could be caused by unknown and undetected leakages on your property, leading to a significant increase in operating costs. This is a typical issue faced by businesses that
rely on manual meter readings, which can be very labour-intensive and inefficient.

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Water Conservation – Rainwater Harvesting in Singapore 

With a growing population, water demand is expected to almost double by 2060. However, Singapore — the little red dot, has been set on achieving water independence and meeting that demand.

Learn how businesses can contribute to water sustainability with rainwater harvesting system.

Material Selection for Water Fittings

There are many factors to consider before selecting a suitable material for the fittings in your water pipelines. Whether you are looking for PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC) or stainless steel fittings, it can be difficult to determine the best material for your needs if you are unaware of the various factors in consideration.

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