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IoT Based Water Monitoring System

Applications of IoT Based Water Monitoring System for Your Business

 How Your Company Can Benefit from IoT 

Written by: Rachel Lee 
Date: 13/06/22


Have you ever had an unanticipated large increase in your utility bills?


These surges could be caused by unknown and undetected leakages on your property, leading to a significant increase in operating costs. This is a typical issue faced by businesses that rely on manual meter readings, which can be very labour-intensive and inefficient.


Digitalising your utility management processes with Ecoflow's Internet of Things (IoT) Solution allows your business to detect possible leaks, which potentially reduces water and electricity wastage. The Solution analyses your utility consumption in real-time. Accessible and convenient real-time data will be reflected on an intuitive dashboard, which shows the overall consumption of your property, together with a detailed breakdown of various consumption points.




1. Water Meter Monitoring

Ecoflow’s IoT Solution can be installed directly on your water meter’s transmitter, providing real-time data on your water usage and overall property water consumption. Access to a clean and user-friendly dashboard interface allows you to compare water consumption by facility over similar time periods. More significantly, our technology enables you to detect any water leakages in your pipelines, enabling you to react swiftly before your water cost skyrockets.


2. Water Tank Level Monitoring 

Our IoT Solution can also be utilised on your water tank, to provide you with real-time water level monitoring and alerts when the tank is about to fill or empty. This is a cost-effective way to ensure the water tank's functionality while reducing the risks of water spillages and tank failures.


3. Water Pump Condition Monitoring 

Wireless sensors fitted to your water pump assess vibrations to detect pump failures early, which enables prognostic maintenance, reducing costly downtime. This maximises resource efficiency by reducing the amount of labour and time necessary for condition monitoring.


4. pH Level Monitoring

It is critical to keep the pH level of your water in properties, like cooling towers and swimming pools, at an optimal level. Ecoflow's IoT Solution makes it simple to monitor pH levels so that modifications can be made to attain the ideal pH level.


5. Electrical Monitoring 

Installation of our IoT Solution on your electricity meter assists your properties in realising energy-saving opportunities. Real-time notifications are provided using advanced data analytics, allowing you to avoid unnecessary electricity usage.

Hardware Specifications


  • Long battery life (up to 5 years)

  • Industry grade, weatherproof (IP67 capable)

  • Easy set-up and modification via mobile app

  • Remote over-the-air (OTA) updates

  • Event or time-based transmission

  • IMDA approved, TS-IoT


In a three-step installation process, Ecoflow's IoT Solution integrates seamlessly into your essential business processes, allowing you to monitor and optimise your electricity and water usage. Leveraging the technology of IoT for your organisation delivers insights and visibility into high-consuming operations, as well as real-time data that detects leaks and helps you save money. It is an investment that drives cost-savings, maximises your return on investment (ROI) and incorporates sustainability elements into your business. 

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