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  • Where can I see Ecoflow's weekly updates and past projects?
    You can check out locations where our WAVE Valve has been installed here and our LinkedIn page for weekly social updates.
  • Is there a consultation fee that I have to pay?
    We do not have a consultation fee. Contact us here to find out more about our products and services.
  • I want to know more, what's the next step?
    You can simply contact us here, we will get in touch with you within a few working days.
  • What are some of the applications of a Rainwater Harvesting System?
    Harvested rainwater can be utilised for non-potable usages such as irrigation system, floor washing, toilet flushing, fleet washing and more. We provide end-to-end design and construction of Rainwater Harvesting Systems, customised and purpose-built to fit your business’s unique needs. To find out the full benefits, you can check out our article here.
  • What are some maintenance requirements of the rainwater tank?
    As rainwater consists of debris and sediments, the water tank should be maintained periodically, depending on the scale of the system. Used water from cleaning the tank should be discharged to the sanitary system (eg. floor traps) and not the drainage system.
  • How does the Rainwater Harvesting System work?
    There are 3 main components of our Rainwater Harvesting System: Catchment, Filtration and Storage. Rainwater is collected at the catchment area and conveyed through a network of rainwater downpipes to the storage area. The harvested rainwater collected can then be redirected for other purposes. Contact us to find out more.
  • How efficient is this system and how much savings can be observed?
    The efficiency and savings are linked to the size of the catchment area you intend to install. Contact us and we can give you a quotation on your projected cost savings.
  • Does your product require maintenance?
    No maintenance is required for our valve. Our valve can last up to 30 years in the pipeline. However, we do provide optional maintenance for our clients if requested. Cost of this maintenance will be $1250.
  • How does the valve help save water cost?
    The installation of our valve after the water meter creates zone of compression that extends till before the meter, at the meter and after the meter. So when the incoming water from the utility board containing a mixture of air and water hits this zone of compression, the air bubbles will be compressed so small that the water meter will be unable to register the air volume. We are using the backpressure of water (density of water) to compress the air bubbles. To help you visualise this concept, our team has created a short animation to better explain how our valve can help you save on your water bills. To watch the animation, click here.
  • Do I require approval by PUB to install the product?
    Any pipe works conducted after the PUB water meter is the property owner’s jurisdiction. All the relevant tests stipulated by PUB have been done on our end. These tests include: 1. Fitting test 2. Metal toxicity test 3. Metal leeching test 4. Water quality test (before & after installation)
  • Is there a warranty for the valve and if yes, how long is it?
    Yes, we have a warranty for our valve. You can check out our product specifications (which include the warranty) here.
  • How does the process take place and how long will valve installation take?
    The valve is installed after the main PUB bulk meter. The installation process typically takes approximately 1-2 hours to be completed.
  • How long will it take to see results/changes in my water related expenses?
    Savings rate of up to 30% can be observed a month after the installation of our valve.
  • I have installed the WAVE Valve. What’s next?
    After the installation, a 3-month trial period commences. After which we will do a post-analysis comparing data (before and after valve installation) to justify our targeted water cost savings.

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