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Accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable water technology

Ecoflow is the go-to company for novel water solutions that can enable you to achieve maximum water efficiency

About Us

Ecoflow provides end to end cutting edge water solutions that help businesses reduce their water consumption and costs associated with water utilisation


Our Products

IoT Solution

Our IoT solution enables clients to monitor their water consumption on a real-time basis and detect water leakages in the water system

FluidLytix's WAVE Valve compresses accumulated air in the water pipeline and optimises water pressure, enabling clients to save up to 30% on water costs

WAVE Valve

Our Services


Design and construction of Plumbing and Sanitary Systems, as well as the implementation of dedicated drainage and leak detection systems to enhance water system efficiency

Design and construction of Automatic Irrigation Systems that take into account humidity and environmental conditions to optimise water usage and reduce manpower costs

Design and installation of Rainwater Harvesting Systems to harness a renewable source of water for non-potable usage

Ecoflow provides IoT solutions that help businesses increase water system efficiency, reduce water costs and enhance labour productivity

FluidLytix provides intelligent water management solutions that help businesses save water costs and preserve our water resources

Aureum Tech

Aureum Tech is our special projects arm that specialises in design and build plumbing and sewage systems, Rainwater Harvesting Systems and Automatic Irrigation Systems

Our Brands

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